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 Address Sign Form Animal Control - Dog License Fees: Resolution 11-17Animal Control Ordinance 1-23 Animal Control - Dog Licensing FormAssessment Chart Application for Water/Sewer Connection Area Services - Frequently Requested Phone NumbersBoard Member Binder  Burn Site (Green Waste Burn Site) - Regulations / Fees Consumer Confidence Report, Water Quality Facts & Figures Hazardous Vegetation Abatement Ordinance 1-18 Hazardous Vegetation Abatement, Administrative Appeal and Collection Procedure Ordinance 2-18 ISO - Public Protection Classification letter dated September 27, 2021Lake Shastina Entity Flow Chart Map of Lake Shastina CSD Police Department Complaint Process Police Department Policy Manual Public Records Act Request Form


Ord 1-80 Rules and Regulations for the use and construction of sanitary sewers, establish fee for connection Ord 2-80 Regulating the discharge of sewage and industrial wastes, regulating the use of public sewers, providing penalties for violations Ord 3-80 Amended Establishing the Policies, Procedures, and Regulations governing fire protection services and facilitiesOrd 1-81 Public Safety Rules and RegulationsOrd 4-81 Criminal ActivityOrd 2-84 Amending Ordinance 4-80: Charging for sewer disposal services after the fact, changing amount of time to remit payment, specific procedures for enforcement and collection of charges for service----no change in fee or rates Ord 3-84  Procedures of establishing buy-in charges for new service where not previously committedOrd 1-85 Revision regarding providing relief from multiple service fees to multiple family dwellings that have only a single water service line Ord 1-89 Regulations regarding lost and found itemsOrd 1-91 Special tax levied for fire protection services----This is the current rate as of 10/28/2010----$40 per year Ord 3-91 Establish a minimum criteria for blockage and clearance around the fire hydrantsOrd 1-95 Amending District ordinances pertaining to burning within the District: Ord 2-85, Ord 3-81, and 1-92 Ord 1-96 Restructuring of admin and management, eliminating fire commissioner position Ord 1-97 Agreement between LSCSD and individuals for special servicesOrd 1-99 LSCSD amending its power to provide water serviceOrd 1-00 Burn site developmentOrd 1-03 Establish a water departmentOrd 2-03 Vehicles and Traffic in the District,  ParkingOrd 1-04 Rules and regulations regarding fireworks within the districtOrd 2-05 Revision of water connection feeOrd 4-05 Increase standby water assessment rates to $37Ord 1-07 Creating a capacity expansion fee for water relating to fire suppression and improvement of water systemOrd 1-08 Wastewater management, sewer ejector, toilet 1.6 gallonsOrd 1-09 Water service rate increase over the next 2 years Ord 4-09 Dishonored checks, paymentsOrd 1-12 Regulations regarding building street address numbersOrd 2-14 State mandated water regulationsOrd 1-16 Special tax levied for police protection servicesOrd 1-18 Hazardous Vegetation AbatementOrd 2-18 Abatement, Administrative Appeal and Collection ProcedureOrd 1-19 Increase of residential and commercial rates for sewage services over 5 yearsOrd 2-19 Animal control within the District boundariesOrd 1-20 Tax for Fire Protection and Emergency servicesOrd 1-22 Military Use Equipment
Siskiyou County Resolution 78-5 Local Agency Formation Commission of Siskiyou County, Approving the Proposed CSD formation, Designation LSCSDRes 2-79 Adopting an official seal for the LSCSDRes 3-79 Establish Fiscal Year for CSDRes 5-79 Adopting local guidelines implementing the California Enviromental Quality ActRes 6-79 Fixing and Approving budget for the FY 1979-1980Res 7-79 Setting time and place of hearing on proposed conflict of interest codeRes 8-79 Adopting conflict of interest codeRes 10-79 Approving and authorizing execution of assumption agreementRes 2-80 Accepting proposal of the Lake Shastina Property Owner's Association to transfer responsiblity for fire protection to the DistrictRes 3-80 Accepting proposal of the Spearpoint Townhouse Community Association to transfer responsibility for fire protection services to the District Res 4-80 Accepting proposal of the Rancho Hills Community Association to transfer responsibility for fire protection services to the DistrictRes 5-80 Approving project making findings and directing filing of notice of exemption Res 6-80 Approving and authorizing execution of assumption agreementRes 9-80 Appointing Secretary and fixing bondRes 2-81 Authorize access to summary criminal history information for employment, certification process, and designation of records securityRes 4-81 Authorize individuals to represent the District in small claims court, (past due accounts)Res 5-81 Appointing Secretary and fixing bondRes 6-81 Appointing General Manager and fixing bondRes 7-81 Authorize Joan K Bradbury to represent District in small claims court, (past due accounts)Res 9-81 Fixing rates and charges for sewer disposal services for the balance of the current FY (10/1/81-7/1/1982)Res 10-81 Cover employees under the California State Disability Insurance ProgramRes 11-81 Commendation to the LSPD & AG for reducing crimeRes 12-81 Accepting requirements of section 13522 of the penal code relation to training of law enforcement officersRes 13-81 Designating William Bradbury as District Rep to the County of Siskyou groundwater task forceRes 3-82 Accept a grant of &710 and  conditions attached thereto from the State of CaliforniaRes 5-82 AMENDS ORD 4-80, (Article I, Section 2), (Article II, Section 3), (Article IV, Section 1(b)), (Article IV, Section 4); (The changes involve definitions, surcharges, billing, and collections)Res 6-82 AMENDS ORD 1-80, numberous amendments (no change in fees)Res 9-82 Transfetting delinquent District service fees and penalties to the Siskiyou County Tax Collecto to be added to the tax roles as a lien against saif propertyRes 10-82 Ameding Article 2, Section 3 of Ord 4-80 to increase sewer connection feesRes 11-82 Amends Article 5, Section 511, subsection (c) of Ordinance 1-80: Provide semi-annual inspection of privately owned sewer pumping installations, (changing "periodic" to "semi-annual")  Res 12-82 Fixing time and place for the regular meetings of the BOD of the LSCSD and providing the manner in which special meetings of said board may be called, designating an official mailing address and establishing the order of business and rules for its proceedings Res 1-83 Amending Article 4, Section 4 of Ordinance 4-80 to require commercial sewer users to make payment for services received in 30 days Res 3-83 Amending part of Ord 4-80 to allow partial credit for "Grant-in-aid of construction" when an alternate public sewer extension is approved by the BOD Res 4-83 Transferring delinquent District service fees and penalties to the Siskiyou County Tax Collector to be added to the tax roles as a lien against said property Res 5-83 Amending part of Ord 3-81 by prohibiting the use of a wood roof covering of any type within the District-fire hazard Res 6-83  Adopting section 1094.6 of the government code re:(labor relations)- Statue of Limitations on discipline appealRes 1-84 Transferring delinquent District service fees and penalties to the Siskiyou County Tax Collector to be added to the tax roles as a lien against said propertyRes 3-84 Volunteers are entitled to Worker's Compensation if requiredRes 4-84 AMENDING ORD 1-80, Amends sections 220, 232, 234, 241, 242, 251, 255, 260, 270, and 311Res 1-85 Appointing Secretary and fixing BondRes 3-85 Authorizing annual statement of investment policy for the LSCSDRes 4-85 Appointing Secretary and fixing BondRes 2-86 Request CDC to commence public hearings and studies for possible correctional facility in Siskiyou CountyRes 3-86 Establishing a District policy regarding use of District vehicles by District employees retro to 1/1/1985: Allowed to keep vehicles overnight at their homes.Res 6-86 Authorize Chief John Spencer ro purchase one patrol vehicleRes 1-87 Authorizing police Chief John Spencer ro purchase two patrol vehiclesRes 2-87 Consildating District Election with the November General ElectionRes 3-87 Establishing procedures for determining interest to be credited to restricted reservesRes 4-87 Approving agreement for legal services for the Police/Fire Station EnterpriseRes 5-87 Adopting an annual statement of investment policy for the LSCSDRes 6-87 Appointing Secretary and fixing bondRes 7-87 Regarding construction and financing the police/fire stationRes 3-88 LawsuitRes 4-88 LawsuitRes 5-88 Approving the destruction of the certain police department records, documents and papersRes 8-88 Establishing a Safety PolicyRes 9-88 Adopting an annual statement of investment policy for the LSCSDRes 10-88 Authorize chief John Spencr to purchase one patrol vehicleRes 11-88 Endorsing establishment of a standing committee titled  "LS Comprehensive Planning Committee"Res 12-88 Designating depositary for District Funds ----Timberline BankRes 1-89 Entering into an agreement with CDF for fire and rescue aidRes 5-89 Establishing a District policy regarding the use of private or District vehicles Res 6A-89 Proposing the adoption of a special tax for Parks & Recreation Res 6B-89Request to the county to render services relating to the 7-Nov-89 electionsRes 7-89 Adopting an annual statement of investment policy for the LSCSDRes 8-89 Authorize program CSOA to complete and file annual report of Public Self-Insurers with the Department of Industrial relationsRes 9-89 Authorize a proxy vote at the annual meeting of the SDIARes 10-89 Approving the application for grant funds for the special districts grant program under the California Wildlife, Coastal, and Park Land Conservation Act of 1988 for the development of Lake Shastina Parks Res 11-89 Approve SDIA proposed amendment #1 to the First  Amended Joint Powers Agreement Res 12-89 Approve SDIA proposed Amendment # 2 to the First Amended Joint Powers Agreement Res 13-89 Approve SDIA proposed correction of Amendment #2 to the First Amended Joint Powers Agreement Res 1-90 Establish a sexual harassment policyRes 2-90 Establish a salary deferral planRes 3-90 Request to County to place an advisory measure as to whether the District should provide for public recreation and parks Res 4-90 Establishing a special tax to be levied for parks and recreation Res 1-91 Authorize a deferment of Fire Department budget transfer Res 2-91 Adopting an annual statement of investment policy for the LSCSDRes 4-91 Request county to place special tax levy for fire protection and emergency services--$40 per year- Current tax as of 10/28/2010Res 7-91 Establishing an injury prevention program and policy statementRes 9-91 Auth purchase of fire equipment for $192,230Res 1-92 Authorize chief John Spencer to purchase one patrol vehicleRes 3-92 Auth an indebtedness for the purchasing of fire protection and or EMS service vehiclesRes 4-92 Appointment of SecretaryRes 5-92 Development agreement between District and Resort Villages of America, IncRes 6-92 Accepting conveyance from Lake Shastina Golf and Country ClubRes 7-92 Accepting conveyance from Juniper POARes 3-93 Adopting an annual statement of investment policy for the LSCSD Res 4-93 Authorizing existing joint civic services account at Timberline Bank to be utilized as a joint checking account for the CSD, MWC and RHCA and auth an increase of depositRes 6-93 Prohibit smoking in enclosed District facilities Res7-93 Authorize chief John Spencer to purchase one patrol vehicle Res 8-93 Approving modification of LSCSD promissory note to the Lake Shastina Mutual Water Company regarding the calculation of quarterly interest rateRes 9-93 Releasing easement and accepting conveyance of a new easement from the LSGCRes 10-93 Appointment of SecretaryRes 11-93 Regarding conflicts if interest with General Counsel and waiver of sameRes 12-93 Auth Department of General Services to purchase itemsRes 1-94 Cooperative agreement to provide seasonal fire protection services (Amador Plan), and authorize GM to sign said agreement Res 2-94 Establish restricted reserves for future capital outlays by non-enterprise funds and guidelines pertaining theretoRes 3-94 Annual statement of the investment policy for the LSCSDRes 1-95 Authorize LSFD to obtain and utilize 1st Interstate VISA card and to auth fire chief, GM, and or DS to enter in such agreements to obtain said cardRes 2-95 Authorize long term loan from sewer fund to purchase a rescue vehicleRes 3-95 Appointing R. Bare as DM,ODRRes 1-96 Special tax levy for police services to be placed on the ballotRes 2-96 Volunteers entitled to Worker's CompensationRes 3-96 Approval of fees charges by the LSPD for copies of non-exempted information that covers the cost of duplication pursuant to section 6257 of the government codeRes 4-96 Approving June 12th as Iodine Disorders Day and commending the 2 Canadian bicycle ridersRes 5-96 Appointment of a District secretaryRes 7-96 In Memory of Les CoplanRes 1-97 Appointment of a District SecretaryRes 2-97 Adoption of LSCSD 401(k) profit sharing planRes 3-97 Substance abuse policy and testing of certain individualsRes 4-97 Establish regular meetings on  a bi-monthly basis for the BODRes 5-97 Approve nomination of the GM R. Bare to run for election to the CSDA BOD and when elected approving him as District rep to said BoardRes 6-97 Recognize Hon. Alan Johns as a distinguished Board Member of the LSCSDRes 7-97 Recognize Robert Bare as a distinguished manager of the LSCSDRes 8-97 Application for approval of annexation of certain lands (LSCSD Addition)Res 9-97 Approving amended development agreement dated 4/7/1997 (agreement is between LSCSD and Lake Shastina Golf Village) Res 10-97 Designating the president and secretary the authority to execute an agreement on behalf of the District with the Shastina Golf VillageRes 11-97 Establishing a District policy regarding burning disposal at the north sewer pondRes 1-98 Approving correction of holiday pay policy for the police departmentRes 3-98 Authorize police chief to sign and approve on behalf of LSPD and OCJP grant award agreementRes 4-98 Regarding joint representation by General CounselRes 1-99 Appointment of District SecretaryRes 2-99 Permitting the District General Counsel to receive medical/dental insurance: Related specifically to Robert WinstonRes 8-99 Schedule for billing and collection for improved single family parcels for furnishing fire, police, and sewer on a quarterly basisRes 10-99 Cooperative agreement to render mutual aid with Mayten fire services and auth president of LSCSD to sign agreementRes 11-99 Cooperative agreement to render mutual aid with Weed fire services and auth president of LSCSD to sign agreementRes 12-99 Authorize a ballot measure to provide additional authorization for the District to provide water service to the Lake Shastina CommunityRes 12-99 Amended a ballot measure to provide additional authorization for District to provide water service to the Lake Shastina CommunityRes 13-99 Authorize a ballot measure to establish a maximum annual stand-by fee not to exceed $40 per parcelRes 14-99 Authorize GM to sign and approve an OCJP grant awardRes 15-99 Resolution to acquire lands north of sewer pond and land adjacent to sewer pondRes 1-00 Worker's Comp liabilitiesRes 2-00 Opting out of health insurance provisionsRes 1-01 Naming Designated Person to determine timeliness and/or sufficiency of claims filed against the DistrictRes 2-01 Authorizing the donation of District property --boat and trailerRes 3-01 $10,000 to Fire Department from CDF & FP under CFAA of 1978Res 1-02 Auth of a contract between LSCSD and Cal-PersRes 2-02 Cal-Pers pick up resolution pre-tax payroll deduction plan for service credit purchasesRes 3-02 Support building of the Weed Community CenterRes 4-02 Accept State Citizens option for Public Safety Supplemental local law enforcement grant funds estimated in the amount of $100,000 for FY 02-03Res 5-02 Authorize the GM to accept the state technology grant funds of $15,000--for PoliceRes 6-02 $6,000 award from CDF & FP under CFAA of 1978Res 7-02 Authorizing the execution and delivery of a Second Amended Joint Powers Agreement and directing the termination of the SDWCARes 8-02 Authorizing the execution and delivery of a Fifth Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement-SDRMARes 1-03 Cal-Pers employer Pick upRes 2-03 Emerald Crescent EstatesRes 4-03 Accept title to real estate transferred and assignment of deposits, receivables, payables, and contractual rights and obligations, by the Lake Shastina Mutual Water CompanyRes 5-03 Approving development between District and Semih Sebankaya, Emerald Crescent EstatesRes 1-04 Approving annexation agreement between the District and Siskiyou CountyRes 2-04 Supporting the local taxpayer and Public Safety Protection ActRes 3-04 Special tax levy measure request for fire protection and emergency services--Voters did not elect to increase taxRes 4-04 Authorize long term loan by sewer fund to partially finance the purchase of a new fire engineRes 5-04 Financing of CHW clinic by sewer and water department fundsRes 6-04 Accept Homeland Security fire grant to purchase approved fire equipmentRes 7-04 Clarification of Resolution 3-04: Request for election to approve special tax levy for fire and emergency services--Voters did not elect to increase taxRes 8-04 Support for Prop 1ARes 9-04 Authorize  revenue received from US Cellular lease be used to reimburse sewer and water fund for up front costs of medical clinicRes 1-05 Jay Thompson Retirement plan, (roll over AIG VALIC into Edward Jones 401(k))Res 2-05 Purchase water from LSCSD to LSPOA (which will then be given to the LSGC in exchange for title to the 60ft right of way between Big Springs Rd and Hogan Drive)Res 3-05 Election of seven directors to the SDRMA board of directorsRes 1-06 Authorize staff members to bid on surplus US government property (3 year membership)Res 3-06 Exempts Spearpoint, Juniper, and Golf Resort from right of ways and parking as prescribed in Ord 2-03Res 1-07 Joint Powers Agreement Sixth Amendment (SDRMA)Res 2-07 MOU and authorize participation in SDRMA Health Medical Benefit ProgramRes 3-07 MOU and Authorize participation in SDRMA Health Benefits Ancillary CoverageRes 4-08 Request to Siskiyou County clerk for ballot on special tax levy measure for increasing police department taxRes 5-08 Tax to be levied for police protection services--Voters did not elect as such--Police tax remains at $65.00 annuallyRes 6-08 Establish an additional deferred comp plan for employeesRes 7-08 Approve Master Cash Manager Agreement with SVBRes 1-09 Rescission of Res 5-86: Regarding policy on administrative action with dishonored checksRes 2-09 Recognition of B. Bains as Interim General ManagerRes 3-09 Line item budget adjustments by General ManagerRes 5-09 Authorizing investment of monies in the LAIF Res 1-10 Purchase of patrol vehicle using general fundsRes 2-10 Operational budget fund allocationRes 3-10 Groundwater study at wastewater pondsRes 4-10 CPA audit engagement letter FY 2009/2010Res 6-10 Fire Department by-lawsRes 7-10 Installment sale agreement, authorizing, and directing certain actions in connection with the expansion of a sewer pondRes 1-11 Updates to personnel policy manualRes 4-11 COPS Grant Funds - FY 2011/2012Res 5-11 Operational budget - FY 2011/2012Res 6-11 CPA audit - FY 2010/2011Res 7-11 Administration Meeting Room Rental PolicyRes 8-11 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance Program funding for wild land gearRes 9-11 Enforcement of District feesRes 10-11 On-line credit card paymentsRes 1-12 Siskiyou County Hazard Mitigation PlanRes 2-12 COPS Grant Funds - FY 2012/2013Res 3-12 Operational budget - FY 2012/2013Res 4-12 Notice of Governing Board ElectionRes 5-12 CPA audit - FY 2011/2012Res 7-12 Amending the District 401(k) Profit Sharing PlanRes 8-12 Amending the District Money Purchase Pension PlanRes 11-12 Recognizing Police Chief Rick Alves upon his retirementRes 1-13 Additional COPS Grant Funds - FY 2011/2012Res 3-13 Updates to personnel policy manualRes 4-13 Operational budget - FY 2013/2014Res 5-13 SDRMA Board of Directors BallotRes 6-13 COPS Grant Funds - FY 2013/2014Rse 7-13 Necessity to Condemn Real PropertyRes 8-13 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance Program funding pager and radio equipmentRes 1-14 Proposing Special Tax for the PS Department be submitted to voters for approval and fixing  electionRes 3-14 Distruction of documents / Records RetentionRes 4-14 Notice of Governing Board ElectionRes 5-14 Voluntary watering scheduleRes 6-14 Operational budget - FY 2014/2015Res 8-14 Policy re: compliance with Ralph M. Brown ActRes 9-14 Policy re: Public Records Act document request Res 10-14 Policy re: Conflict of InterestRes 12-14 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance Program funding turnoutsRes 13-14 COPS Grant Funds - FY 2014/2015Res 14-14 Authorization to enter into a facscimile signature agreement with Scott Valley BankRes 15-14 Updates to personnel policy manualRes 17-14 Removal of Director Roths, proceed with filling vacancyRes 1-15 Authorized signatures on documents related to District BusinessRes 2-15 Authorizing the District GM and Fire Chief to make capital purchaseRes 3-15 Authorizing a long term loan to general fund by water fund to pay off debt to DECO per Release and Settlement AgreementRes 4-15 Accepting QuitClaim Deeds for real property (DECO)Res 5-15 CPA audit - FY 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17Res 8-15 Identifying the terms and conditions for Fire Department response away from their official duty station and assigned to an emergency incidentRes 9-15 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance ProgramRes 10-15 Approving lease of Public Works office structureRes 11-15 Approving well site license agreement with Clure / authorizing test wellRes 12-15 CalPERS Employer Paid Member ContributionsRes 13-15 Adopting a Purchasing PolicyRes 1-16 Restating the District's Money Purchase Pension PlanRes 3-16 Disclosure of Personal Information of Staff (re: Insurance)Res 4-16 Notice of Governing Board ElectionRes 5-16 Proposing Special Tax for the Police Department be submitted to voters for approval and fixing  electionRes 8-16 Policy re: Reserve Fund and Investment PolicyRes 9-16 Authorizes GM to Execute Financial Assistance Agreement with State Water Resources Control Board (Wastewater)Res 10-16 Authorizes GM to Execute Financial Assistance Agreement with State Water Resources Control Board (Water)Res 11-16 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance ProgramRes 1-17 Adopting Teamsters Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 2017 - 2021Res 2-17 Authorizes GM/Secretary/Treasurer to approve deposit into and withdrawals from LAIFRes 3-17 Establishes policy re. material and fees for the Green Waste / Burn Site at the Sewer PondsRes 4-17 Operational budget - FY 2017/2018Res 5-17 Worker's Comp liabilities - request to State to self-insure (GSRMA)Res 7-17 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance ProgramRes 8-17 Amending Money Purchase Pension PlanRes 9-17 Rescinds Res 6-15 re: Board Member censureRes 10-17 Adopting Letter of Understanding (LOU) re: Exhibit C (minimum certificaton and certification incentives) of Teamsters Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)Res 11-17 Setting dog license feesRes 12-17 Regarding Acting General Manager Position (Mike Wilson)Res 13-17 Rescission of Resolution 4-09: Regarding Cal-Pers employment pick-up - keeps Resolution 1-03 in placeRes 14-17 Updating trustees money purchase plan and trust: Carol Cupp and Norman MacIntosh Res 1-18 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance Program - 2017 Residual FundsRes 2-18 Amends mission statementRes 3-18 Notice of Governing Board ElectionRes 4-18 Operational budget - FY 2018/2019 Res 5-18 Shasta Valley Groundwater Basin boundariesRes 6-18 Wastewater Improvement Project CEQA Res 7-18 EF Recovery Program Res 1-19 Amending Money Purchase Pension PlanRes 2-19 Operational budget - FY 2019/2020Res 3-19 Intent to approve an amendment to CalPERS contract - PoliceRes 4-19 General Manager's Purchasing AuthorityRes 5-19 Approving CAL FIRE Volunteer Assistance Program - 2019Res 6-19 Adopting Siskiyou County Local Hazard Mitigation PlanRes 7-19 Approve an amendment to CalPERS contract - PoliceRes 8-19 Establishes policy re. Green Waste / Burn Site at the Sewer PondsRes 9-19 Amending Money Purchase Pension Plan - Correction AmendmentRes 2-20 Notice of Governing Board ElectionRes 3-20 Approve The FY 2020/2021 Operating BudgetRes 4-20 Addendum to The Final Mitigated Negative Declaration and the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for The WasteWater Improvement Project State Water Resources Control Board Project no. C-06-8303-110Res 5-20 Adoption of Special Tax for Fire Protection and Emergency ServicesRes 6-20 Approve agreement with CalFire VFA grant 2020-2021Res 1-21 Approve General Manager appointment as District TreasurerRes 3-21 Approve an amendment to CalPERS contract - FireRes 4-21 Approve GM to enter agreement with SWRCB for WW Improvement projectRes 5-21 Approve reimbursement of WW Improvement expenditures from SWRCBRes 6-21 Approve amendment to CalPERS contract-FireRes 7-21 Approve  amended MOU between the District and Teamsters Local 137 - 6/28/21-6/30/26Res 8-21 Approve amended appointment of GM/PW Director and Employment agreementRes 9-21 Approve agreement with CalFire RFC grant 2021-2022 Res 1-22 Approve remote teleconference meetingsRes 2-22 Approve exemption of LSCSD entities from paying s/w feesRes 3-22 Approve calling election for LSCSD Board members-consolidated with November General ElectionRes 4-22 Authorizing GM to be signerRes 5-22 Authorizing LSCSD to accept credit card paymentsRes 6-22 Approve agreement #7GF22317 with Dept of Forestry & FireRes 1-23 Regarding late charge and interest rate District charges on deliquent accountsRes 2-23 Emergency assessment reduction (Mill fire)
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